Back up and running 4/14 - Nicholas

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We've added some long shaft trimmers for you to add to add fine trim controls to your module, along side our normal vertical pots. These plastic shaft trimmers have fine knurls making them a pleasure to grab, and a painted white indicator line so you know exactly where the control is set. As you can see in the picture, a footprint can be designed to take either the new trimmers or the normal vertical pots. Sweet!

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I'm here making lemons into lemonade. The previous store was broken by script kiddies. After peeling back the onion it appears that OpenCart isn't the most secure platform.  Rather than re-formating the server and updating the cart software, we opted to try something new. Shopify will let us focus on being Erthenvar rather than an IT department. Better features for you. Better features for us. Now with moar awesome. Nicholas

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