3.5mm Vertical Jacks

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50 vertical mount 3.5mm mono switched jacks for use in DIY projects or module manufacturing.

Note 2013.11.01: Jacks and nuts are now sold in bags of 50 instead of 100.

Note 2013.07.26: All jacks shipping on July 7th and later have been revised to prevent the bushing from spinning while tightening the nut onto the jack.

Note 2013.12.03: We have resolved the unreliable normal/switch operations on all jacks shipping on December 3, 2012 and later! See blog post below.

Note: Nuts are not included with the jacks. Please choose between hex and knurled nuts on the Related Products tab!

In order to manufacture low profile Eurorack modules, a 3.5mm "vertical mount" jack may be required. The vertical jack allows the printed circuit boards to be mounted parallel to the front panel, which helps keep module depth to a minimum.


The thread of the jacks is M6 x 0.5.


Improved Jacks now shipping!


PDF drawing

Please note that the diameter of the jack is not threaded and as such does not have a correct diameter and the ground pins are not in the correct location. The threaded diameter measures around 5.9mm (0.232"). Drill holes 6.1mm (0.240") from Front Panel Express have been tested to have a nice fit. The punch used for Erthenvar production panels is 0.244" in diameter.