NoNuts Cut to Length

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M2.5 tapped strips for V-Rails or Vector Electronics T-Struts in custom lengths


By popular demand, we now offer NoNuts M2.5 tapped strips custom cut for your DIY case project.

Other tapped strips tap out (I see what you did there) at 84hp. NoNuts go the extra mile and are available in any length*.

These strips were specifically designed for V-Rails and slide in like a hot knife into butter. No jam (or jelly) required.

Just add your rail length to the cart, and we'll cut the NoNuts just right so they have the appropriate side-to-side play in the channel. See the examples below.


  • Sold in pairs, just add your actual rail length to the cart
  • Add cut instructions at check out
    • Example 1: 3U @ 90hp, add (1*90) = 90hp, request 3U @ 90hp
    • Example 2: 4U @ 60hp, add (2*60) = 120hp, request 4U @ 60hp
    • Example 3: 9U @ 100hp, add (3*100) = 300hp, request 9U @ 100hp
  • Compatible with our V-Rails, V-Rail Brackets, and other M2.5 hardware
  • We recommend our M2.5 Super Sevens 7mm screws
  • Carbon steel core with zinc plating
  • M2.5 x 0.45mm holes every 0.2" = (1hp)
  • Width = 5.0mm (hole surface dimension)
  • Height = 1.9mm (thickness)

* for values less than or equal to 300hp